Here are just some of my stances on the issues that affect NH taxpayers. Please e-mail me if you have specific questions on a particular piece of legislation.
Jobs and Economic Development
I have worked tirelessly with the Governor, Employment Security, and local officials to bring job fairs to my district. I have also voted to remove barriers for small businesses looking to expand in our state as well as increased the research and development tax credit for companies, allowing high-tech and other businesses of the future to grow.
Taxes and Spending
The Republican State Senate made up an $800 million budget deficit in 2010 to create annual balanced budgets, all while lowering spending by 11 percent. In addition, I opposed the federal Medicaid Expansion that will lead to millions of dollars of unfunded mandates from the federal government, starting in 2017. In addition, I opposed the gas tax increase, and have always opposed the creation of any broad-based tax in NH.
The jobs of the future require us to look at how we educate our children. I have supported numerous initiatives to do just that. For example, I was the prime sponsor of added funds for New Hampshire’s vocational/technical secondary schools, making sure our state produces the students that can compete in the emerging job market.
Constituent Service
Returned phone calls. Updates from Concord at town meetings. Attending community events. This helps me communicate with you and, more importantly, you communicate with me. When you express your concerns to me, you will receive a hearing, due diligence, and a timely response. It's the respect you and your issues deserve.

I proudly support candidates dedicated to fiscal conservatism and a commitment to consituent service. That's why I've endorsed Scott Brown for U.S. Senate.